Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here are some photos of my Christmas decorations from 2011 that include the putz vilage, and spinner ornaments that I inherited from family:8


ohgreatone said...

Is that one of those cardboard fireplaces that you put together and took down every year. We had one we used in our first house that had no fireplace, Made for several years before the stress of putting it up and taking it down plus the high humidity in the basement storage got to the cardboard.

Dave said...

Yes it is. I found it on ebay.

vjrock said...

Hi Dave you are doing great work
I was looking for "Vince Gill and Olivia Newton-John-'Tis the Season (2000) "
Found in one of your blog post but the megauploads link is not opening (even that site is not opening)
I am eager to listen to this album, can you please upload in dropbox/google drive & share link so that i can download from there ?? if you have. It will be very helpful if its possible.

Dave said...

Sorry Brock. I am currently in a Rehab Nursing Home facility, and I don't have access to a majority of my Muslim c files. Check to see if YouTube has it, and then you can convert the audio to mp3 files.


Dave said...

Sorry. I meant vjrock.