Monday, July 13, 2015


Sorry folks I can't find anywhere to host my files any longer without some troll asking that they be deleted. I will be keeping the blog open though anyway for tge album cover scans.


Alan Smithee said...

No need to publish this comment. I use for file hosting, and I've only had a file deleted once in the last few years due to a complaint. Hope this helps.

Dave said...

Unfortunately is too expensive for the amount of file space I need. Thanks anyway.

Mark Spencer said...


vjrock said...

Hi Dave You can use half on google drive & half on Dosbox .
If possible please upload 'Tis The Season by Vince Gill & Olivia Newton. :)

Lucky Lady said...

Hi Dave,

I would love to get the Great Songs of Christmas Volumes if there is any way possible.

I listened to the Firestone and W.T. Grant and just loved them, but unfortunately didn't see the Great Songs of Christmas until later and they were gone.

Thanks! I enjoy your blog.