Monday, January 18, 2010

Harry Simeone Chorale "Sing We Now Of Christmas" (20th Century Fox Records FOX 1007 1959)

I thought I'd share the cover scans of this LP that I just found on ebay. I read on Amazon, at the page for the re-release of this recording on CD, that the new CD does not include the lyrics as they appear on the back of this LP cover. So I thought I'd do some high res scans of the lyrics for you, and try to set them up in pages containing the lyrics of 4 songs each. Here are front and back cover scans of the LP I bought. After that are the 8 Lyric Pages, and a 9th page that would be the last page of a CD Insert Booklet:


turtlewing said...

Thank you, Dave! After several years of looking, I finally found the reissue of Sing We Now of Christmas. I bought it but the order didn't seem right. Your generous posting of the covers, the lyrics, and even the record labels have restored it just the way I remember it from way back then . . . Merry Christmas!

Dave said...

I noticed from several Amazon Customer Reviews that when the recording came out on CD that the release either had a totally different cover, and both of them DID NOT include the lyrcis as shown on the back of the LP cover. So I took it upon myself to supply that for everyone. I'm glad it has helped you.


Manu said...

Hello Dave,
Just wanted to thank you fpor this posting. This is one of many albums from my childhood Christmas memories. I took it upon myself to try and find a download of this and after four hours of searching I came across a download of the "spanish" version of this album that was released in 1969 in spain ... The tracks are in order as the original. let me know if you would like the link.
Cheers & Merry Christmas!!

Dave said...

Yes. Please send them to me at the email addy in my "Profile" area. Thanks.