Monday, December 7, 2009


I think I had posted earlier that I had inherited 5 Spinner Ornaments from my Paternal Grandmother. I recently found an entire box full of 12 of the red spinner ornaments, and I paid a small fortune to win it. I wanted them mainly for the box since I'd never seen one in person before. So now I have an original box to store 12 of the 17 spinners in after Christmas. I'm doing well this year in the way of original Christmas Decoration boxes. I already posted a couple months ago about the Alpine Village Box set THAT I found online.

As for the spinners I am keeping 12 in the box, and the other 5 I have already sold on ebay. I made enough from those 5 to pay for half the price of the box of 12. Here's a couple of photos of the Spinners:

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